|What is the BRKC?

British Rental Kart Championship
|Professionally run National karting championship

The British Rental Kart Championship (BRKC) is the highest level of rental karting in the UK, and the only official British qualifying series for the Kart World Championship (KWC).

The event is run over a single weekend, taking place between 19th-21st January 2024. At the core of the BRKC’s philosophy is a focus on equal equipment, equal weight, close & fair racing, and superb value.

BRKC Drivers are provided with the opportunity to showcase their talent amongst a truly international grid in front of thousands of people via professional live broadcast on YouTube and Motorsport.TV.

The prize? A place in Team GB for the 2024 Kart World Championship, a cash jackpot, and a trophy you will struggle to fit on your mantlepiece!


Boasting one of the largest single-level indoor karting circuits in the UK, Formula Fast MK has been designed with national-level racing in mind, with F1 professionals consulting on the track layout and the facilities to deliver visitors a great experience off-circuit.

Formula Fast’s focus is on top quality, and a truly friendly service. Many of the team have an extensive motorsport background. What does this mean for BRKC? An enthusiastic, knowledgeable and approachable team who are dedicated to running a first class event.

|'Arrive & Drive' Karting

The definition of ‘Rental’ or Arrive & Drive’ karting is quite simply, organised racing using the four-stroke karts provided and used by commercial go-kart circuits, which are available to the general public.

The British Rental Kart Championship does not own or maintain its own fleet of karts. The karts used in the championship are the same fleet that are used by the host circuit for their own events – albeit with an incredible amount of preparation to ensure the closest partity of any national championship.

The BRKC is regarded as the highest level of Rental Karting in the UK, due to an extremely competitive field of drivers, a professionally managed championship – as well as the unrivalled prizes provided by the series.

What's included

BRKC 2024

BRKC 2024 Entry

£ 250
inc. VAT
  • Practice | 20 Min | All Drivers
  • 4 x 20 Heats | Quali + 20 Min | All Drivers
  • Semi Final | Quali + 20 Min | Top 30 Drivers
  • Grand Final | Quali + 30 Min | Top 10 Drivers


£ 1000
cash prize for winner
  • Kart World Championship Entry for 1st, 2nd and 3rd
  • Trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd
  • Heat & Semi Final Winner Medals
  • Team & Special Awards
£1000 Prize

1st Placed driver wins an amazing cash prize of £1000

KWC Qualifier

The official UK qualifying series for the Kart World Championship

Fully Broadcast

Professional camera crew, Livestream broadcast & commentary

Fair Racing

Incredible kart parity, randomised kart & heat draws, proper racing!

Entry Requirements

How to enter